2018. June 18., Monday

The University’s Management


Prof. Dr. Gábor Szabó

Department of Optical and Quantum Electronics, Faculty of Science and Informatics, University of Szeged


Judit Fendler

The University Chancellor is responsible for, inter alia, the control of the management and administration of universities.


Prof. Dr. Krisztina Karsai
Vice-Rector for Education
Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, Faculty of Law, University of Szeged

Prof. Dr. Lajos Kemény

Vice-Rector for Science, Research Development and Innovation
Department of Dermatology and Allergology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged


Prof. Dr. Tamás Martinek

Vice-Rector for Public Relations
Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Szeged

Prof. Dr. Katalin Nagy

Vice-Rector for Foreign Affairs


Department of Oral Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Szeged

The Senate

The Senate has 49 members, in addition to the Rector and the president of the university students' union it unifies the delegated members of the Faculties, the non-instructor employees, the university students and the representative bodies.

The Committees of the Senate

The Senate can establish permanent or temporary committees in order to facilitate its own operation and university leadership, to analyse specific educational, scientific, managing, economic or other problems, to develop proposals, to prepare decisions and to control the implementation of decisions, to manage university students' and applicants' affairs.

SZTE Experience

julieJulie Deschanels- Faculty of Law and Political Sciences- Business Law

I chose the University of Szeged, because it has a very good international reputation. When I previously checked the website of the University I liked the fact that Szeged is not too big and too small. I received a lot of help from the ESN mentors. I like Hungary and Szeged a lot and I’m enjoying my classes. When I have free time I go jogging, or play foosball with my friends. In Szeged I really love Süti, nem süti, the river and TIK, because it is just perfect place to study: specious place with full of students and books.

HardeepHardeep Kaur - Faculty of Sciences and Informatics - Biology PhD

Many of my Indian friends had already been studying here, and SZTE was very popular among them because of its quality education, research and the international community. Without any doubt I submitted my application for Biology PhD. Now, this city serves second home to me: beautiful, clean and modern at the same time carrying its ethnicity. Once I leave the city, I will miss everything about Szeged especially my friends and workplace.