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Law and Political Science (PhD), in English or in German

About the programme

The Graduate School of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences has 14 university professors and provides facilities to pursue doctoral studies in the frame of 9 alternative training programmes. In addition to the well-known university professors, there are numerous experienced PhD supervisor associate professors. The younger generation of scholars at the Faculty also undertakes supervising tasks; therefore, we can provide consultants for virtually any chosen research topic. The core fields of the programmes are civil law, public law, international law, EU law, legal history, and labour law, and the curriculum combines both theories and practices through law in action and legal case studies.

Research areas include Civil law research; Constitutional and legal history; Constitutional law and public administration; Statistics, Demography and legal informatics; Criminal sciences; International law, European law, International private law; Comparative law, legal philosophy; legal sociology; Comparative constitutional and criminal law history; Political science; and Roman and European private law. Graduates usually pursue careers in law or in the sector of public administration and areas of jurisdiction.

Level of the programme: PhD

Duration of the programme: 4+4 semesters

Registered in: EU

Credits: 240

Who should apply?

We expect applicants to be interested in legal and social sciences. Due to the wide range of training programmes, not only law school graduates, but also those with master's degrees in industrial relations, social security, public administration, international relations or political science can be admitted to our Graduate School.

Application requirements: completed application form, research proposal (2-3 printed pages. There is no specified format for research proposals but the following areas shall be covered: introduction, short literature review, knowledge or previous experience of research area, how the research project will make an original and independent contribution to knowledge, aims and objectives of the research project, and the language of the future dissertation) Curriculum Vitae, Two reference letters (at least one of the references must be from an academic person), Scanned copies of your Master’s degree certificate; Scanned copy of a transcript of your academic record to date (if relevant); If the chosen language of the future dissertation is not the Student’s native language, scanned copies of any language qualifications.

Online application

Start of the programme: February & September of each year

Tuition fee/semester: EU students 1500 EUR , non EU students 2500 EUR ,

Application Fee: 170,000 HUF

Entrance Exam Fee: 70,000 HUF

For more information contact Dr. Zsuzsanna Fejes via e-mail or call +36 30 587 7443.

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*Academic Records: an official English version OR translation of your full bachelor’s transcript including an explanation of the grading system, and an official English version OR translation of your bachelor’s diploma.

SZTE Experience

mendezMatheus Vasconcelos Goes Mendes – Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine

I’m from Brazil, but I feel very comfortable in Szeged. Attending the courses, I acquired thorough knowledge, which was helped by the well-equipped labs, and the modern library of the University. Despite the hustle and bustle, the town is still safe, the quality of life is considerably high, and we receive every assistance to fit in, such as excellent program administration or help searching for accommodations.

jiang_xuezhiJiang Xuezhi - Faculty of Economics - Business Administration and Management (BA)

The University of Szeged is a well-known and internationally ranked institution in Hungary and worldwide. It is such a wonderful experience to study here. Instructors are professionals and well-qualified; students are nice and open towards foreign cultures. Events organised by the faculties are pleasant and help with integration as well as provide the opportunity to get new acquaintances and friends.