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Call for Proposal No. SZTE/2019/PB10073

The University of Szeged (hereafter Inviting Authority) invites candidates to an open procedure for supplying the following product:

Off-axis Parabolic Mirror
Offer No: SZTE/2019/PB10073

Deadline for submission of offers: September 9th, 2019 10:00

Estimated Date of delivery: not specified

Short specification of product:

End User: University of Szeged, Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics

Delivery Address: Dom ter 9, H-6720 Szeged Hungary - offers should contain the shipping cost to this address. (Delivery address may vary to another Szeged address during the evaluation period.)

Billing Address: Szegedi Tudományegyetem (University of Szeged), Dugonics tér 13. H-6720 Szeged, Hungary, VAT No: HU 15329815

Product name: Off-axis Parabolic Mirror

For detailed specification and quantity, please download the attached specification file

Offers are to be submitted by uploading your offer or offers in PDF file (please click on „Upload Proposal” in the top right corner).

Please include the specification in your offer, so that it can be clearly evaluated whether it matches all the specificied features. All offer prices should contain the shipping cost.


Offers must fully match the criteria listed in the attached specification file, or may be a better substitute. Offers for products with less specification and different quantities will be considered invalid.


Should you have any questions on the product, please contact Dr. Károly Osvay associate professor, +36-20/985-43-40, and Prof. Sargis Ter Avetisyian, +36-70/374-8480.


In case you need information from the contact person above, please send a copy of your mail to our purchasing department to Aniko Farkas, email

Downloadable files:
PB10073 Specification.docx

Evaluation principle: the lowest price

Offers are to be submitted by uploading your offer in PDF file (please click on „Upload Proposal”” in the top right corner).
More information:

The quotations should include:

  • please refer No SZTE/2019/PB10073
  • all the expenses (e.g. shipping to Szeged, Hungary; handling etc.) of the purchase. Please do not list the bank charge (to be paid by customer)
  • the terms of delivery (incl. delivery lead time)
  • terms of payment. Our University prefers to pay with wire transfer.
  • quote validity and/or quote issue date. The quotation should be preferably valid for 60 days, due to excessive evaluation period, but at least for 30 days. Quote validity day should be not earlier than the deadline of the procedure
  • name of the supplier


According to the common directive of Rector and Chancellor of the University of Szeged No. 2/2015. (16.04), binding agreement – in the value of over approx. net 4.800 EUR (depending on the exchange rate) - in case of this procedure can be contracted exclusively with the approval of the Chancellor. The publication of the results does not indicate commitment. Whereas, please be informed that in default of the approval of Chancellor, the Inviting Authority alter the result and declare the procedure unsuccessful.


We hereby inform you that pursuant to Article 41 (6) of Act CXCV of 2011 on Public Finances, the University of Szeged shall only enter into contracts and perform payments upon its contracts, if the contracting party has provided the University with a Transparency Declaration. In case the Supplier had not provide transparency declaration to the University earlier, the declaration will be requested during the evaluation period.

For further information please turn to the following official contact person:

Lajkóné Takács Ibolya foreign sales representative


Contact person for technical support: Osvay Károly dr., associate professor University of Szeged, Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics, tel: 36-20/985-43-40


The official language of the procedure is Hungarian, but offers can also be submitted in English language. The Inviting Authority expects offers from suppliers that can guarantee a prompt delivery and have a stable financial background. The Inviting Authority reserves the right to request further information from candidates within 5 working days in writing . Request for further information will be sent to each candidate with a valid offer. Following the submission deadline, the Inviting Authority evaluates the offers and candidates are informed on the result with the least possible delay.

The Inviting Authority reserves the right to cancel the above offer procedure fully or partially, without any justification. The Inviting Authority is not liable for consequences resulted by the withdrawal.

This call for proposal is not to be considered as a contractual commitment undertaken by the Inviting Authority. The call and the full procedure are subject to the Inviting Authority’s internal regulations.