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French Ball I. After the Francophone Forum

For traditional establishment purposes, French values were in the heart of the event which took place on the 1st of February, 2019. Which among others was organized by the SZTE Francophone Center of the University of Szeged. After having discussed methods of language teaching, professionals were invited to attend first French Ball at the Tisza hotel in Szeged.

The event was opened with the presence of Dr. László Trócsányi, Hungarian Minister of Justice and Professor of the University of Szeged, in addition to diplomats, including the French and the Hungarian Ambassadors of Paris.

In the central building of the University of Szeged a conference was organized with the presence of the language teachers in addition to University professors, experts and diplomats who shared their experience of culture mediation.


Prof. Dr. László Trócsányi addressed French and Hungarian cultural relations and the termination of the material limits of French language teaching in his opening speech. The Minister, with a broad system relations with France in the Hungarian government and the Minister of Justice of Hungary, has been a lecturer at the University of Szeged, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences since 1989.

The Professor of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law as well as the specialist of the Institute of International and Regional Studies of the University of Szeged and teachers of the French Language and Literature Department of the Institute of Romanesque Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences also expressed their views on mediation of French culture and summarized their experience.


The organizers named the closing programme at the Tisza hotel as ’the event of the century’. Alliance Française Association of Szeged was the main organizer of the First French Ball with the cooperation of the University of Szeged, the Francophone University Center and the French Embassy in Budapest. The special event was supported by the Ministry of Justice, along with many institutions and companies.

The Doyen of the First French Ball and the guest of honor is the legendary French teacher of Hungary, also a former university practitioner, Mr. Béla Kovács aged 100.


Some of the guests who were invited to the event and series of programmes among others are: Pascale Andréani, French Ambassador in Budapest, György Károlyi Ambassador of Paris, Ms Katalin Novák State Secretary. Furthermore, many of the SZTE leaders, prominent instructors, former and present students of SZTE also attended the event.


The purpose of organizing the French Ball is to build and strengthen the Franconian community of Szeged and in the Southern Great Plain region, promoting cultural, educational, scientific and business relations.

The first French ball is one of the main highlights of 2019 and Szeged-Niece season, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the twin towns.


Photo: Anna Bobkó

SZTE Experience

Christopher_SolamanChristopher Solaman - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - German Studies

The Student life here is buzzing with hundreds of international students from all around the world. What I love in here is that you bump into students everywhere, from both Hungary and all around the world, and that despite our differences we are kinda accepted in town. I looked University of Szeged up on the internet and, when I saw that this was called the city of sunshine, it became clear in my mind that it would be the place, where I wanted to be as an Erasmus student. Szeged was far beyond my expectations, and I am glad to be able to admire the beauty of this city. The nature itself has the power to calm me down, so the Botanic Garden of the University is a special place to me.

AndiAndi Rahmat Saleh - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Ph.D. Studies

I’m a Ph.D. student from Indonesia and a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship student. I first heard about the University of Szeged from the Tempus Foundation university list with excellent program descriptions, and it caught my eyes. My student life has been a pleasant one because of the beautiful environment, and TIK library facility. The teachers and staffs are accommodating, and my mentors and classmates also contributed to exploring the city with pleasant memories. The city is very affordable, and I live in a shared flat very close to the city center. In my free time, I engage in sporting activities or watch movies. My favorite spot is the Dugonics square, but my best attraction is the Tisza River. The University of Szeged is a beautiful experience for me, and I will recommend it to my friends. I am happy to be part of the University of Szeged.