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Nearly 150 New Exchange Students Start the Semester at the University of Szeged

In the first week of the spring semester, once again the SZTE organizes an orientation week for the integration of newcomer foreign students. In the spring semester of 2018/2019 almost 150 international students arrived to the SZTE on ERASMUS +, E + International Credit Mobility and Makovecz Program.

On the 5th of February, international students were greeted by Dr Tamás Bene, Director of International and Public Relations. He said: “SZTE is one of the best Hungarian universities, and the institution also occupies a leading position in foreign rankings.” He also pointed out that the University of Szeged is still the greenest Hungarian higher education institution and encouraged foreign students to discover Szeged, participate in the university life, and of course enjoy themselves during their stay here.


In the spring semester of 2018/2019, a total of 146 students arrived to Szeged coming from 16 countries and 60 cities. Most of them have chosen the SZTE as part of the Erasmus + program, but a number of students have also came with the Makovecz program. Most of the students came from Spain (37 students) and Turkey (31 students) to a training course in SZTE. Most of the them will start their studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, while a large number of students came to the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine.


The integration and orientation of international students was assisted by voluntary mentor students who took an active role in helping the foreign students to overcome language barriers. Most of the mentors communicate in English, but there are those who also speak French, German and Turkish to assist the newcomers.


Between the 4th and the 7th of February during the opening of the orientation week, volunteer mentors helped the international students with presentations to get acquainted with Hungary and the historical background of Szeged. In addition to the general information, accommodation, city passes and the admission of courses were also discussed.

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SZTE Experience

PhuongPhuong Thu Tran - Faculty of Economics - Business Administration and Management

I live in Budapest, and I commute by train to Szeged every day. It’s not a huge distance for me, I got used to travelling back home. I study, watch the scenery or the people. Once I lost my wallet, and everyone around me tried to help. One of them offered to give me some money, another one offered to take me where I had to go. I love Szeged, Hungarians and nice, and I like the cuisine, though the spicy food is not spicy enough for my taste. I’m very happy to study here. At the Faculty of Economics, the program is practice-oriented, we get a lot of useful information and a lot of opportunities are offered by our professors.

JoseJose Eges - Faculty of Sciences and Informatics

I’m from Ecuador and a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder in my second year. I chose University of Szeged because of its highly ranked status in Hungary. I like the generosity of the people and the fantastic university facilities. The student environment is very relaxing, and you learn a lot from the cultural diversity. The student mentors are helpful. Professors and members of faculty staff are very approachable to guide and support you with academic challenges. Life in Szeged is exciting, and my favorite spot is the bank of Tisza River. The landscape of the bridge across the river and the beachside perspective is a beauty. I do enjoy the good academic system, and friendly environment.