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Noble Researchers of the SZTE Are Members of Young Academy of Europe

Members of the Young Academy of Europe are in the centre of European scientific life and are even able to influence European Union policy decisions. Two recognized researchers of the University of Szeged, Csaba Janáky and Gergely Röst from the Faculty of Science and Informatics have been elected for members of YAE. The experts set out their position on open access publications, illustrating their point of view with a publication model from Szeged.

In the event of the joint conference of Academia Europaea and Young Academy of Europe, newly selected members were awarded with a certificate in Barcelona.


Gergely Röst, assistant professor at the Faculty of Science and Informatics and the Hungarian Academy of Science – University of Szeged Analysis research group, currently working in Oxfor, attended the event.


The European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA = All European Academies) pointed out the necessity of an international organization dedicated to young researchers in 2010-2011 – this is how YAE was created six years ago. The Academy consists of 200 members with eight Hungarians at the moment.


’I had a positive overall impression at the event. I have met youngsters committed to the promotion of European science, who are among the best in their respective research field. I learnt a lot from them’ said Gergely Röst.



According to Csaba Janáky, who has successfully taken part in the ERC Starting Grant tender of the Euoropean Research Council, the main mission and aim of YAE is to take a position in important debates. Members of the institution shair their enthusiasm regarding science and they are always ready to form an opinion on the future of science and they promote scientific awareness-raising. The Hungarian Academy of Science is also planning to launch an institution dedicated to young researchers.


’YAE membership does not involve special privileges, apart from the recognition of being elected as a member of a prestigious international organization; it can be considered as a possibility to project young researchers’ views in scientific management on a European level’ said Gergely Röst. ’As for me, discussion with EU-delegate Robert-Jan Smith was the most prominent event. Mr Smith is responsible for modeling the open access publication within the framework of the so-called Plan S. This might bring changes on a large scale in scientific publishing. An example in the Bolyai Institute of the University of Szeged can be highlighted: open accessed ’diamond’ publications are available without having to pay. This journal is called EJQTDE (Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations).’


Gergely Röst presented the journal ranked and recognized by international lists and the necessary financial resources in Barcelona. ’Robert-Jan Smith appreciated our effort, therefore I truly hope our presentation can affect Plan S in the future’ he added.

SZTE Experience

julieJulie Deschanels- Faculty of Law and Political Sciences- Business Law

I chose the University of Szeged, because it has a very good international reputation. When I previously checked the website of the University I liked the fact that Szeged is not too big and too small. I received a lot of help from the ESN mentors. I like Hungary and Szeged a lot and I’m enjoying my classes. When I have free time I go jogging, or play foosball with my friends. In Szeged I really love Süti, nem süti, the river and TIK, because it is just perfect place to study: specious place with full of students and books.

Imane_CherbiImane Cherbi - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

My name is Cherbi Imane and I am 23 years old from Algeria. I am spending my last semester at the University of Szeged Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Being an MA student of Applied Linguistics, University of Szeged offered me a chance to gain sufficient knowledge about my field of study. I choose the University of Szeged simply because it is a highly ranked academic institution both nationally and internationally; also because of the variety of programs that they have for international students.

I love everything in Szeged: every corner of every street, I will always keep them in my heart. I take photos of the city when walking around and I am planning to launch a blog to promote this beautiful corner of Hungary among international students. People of Szeged are caring, always smiling and we are living peacefully together. I have never felt isolated or neglected. As a coffee lover, i always enjoy having my favorite type of coffee in different coffees in Szeged. Lookin for calmness and nature vibes, I would certainly walk by the Tisza river whenever I want.