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The Scope of Chinese Cooperation with SZTE Broadens

The University of Szeged and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration represented by Péter Szakál, Director of Education and Péter Kovács, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, visitied China at the end of January 2019. During the visit, cooperation agreements with several universities have been signed.

On the 23rd of January, representatives of the University of Szeged signed a cooperation agreement between SZTE, Kirk University (Thailand), IPAG Business School (France) and SEGI University (Malaysia). The main focus of the institutions' activities is the field of economics and social sciences, as well as the cooperation of the student and teacher exchange programs along with the acquisition of EPAS accreditation by the Faculty of Economics of Szeged. In addition, in order to develop the Asian business specialization of the SZTE Economics and Business Administration faculty, partners provide and assure English-speaking teachers and courses.

On the 23rd of January, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Faculty of Economics of SZTE and the University of Yunnan (Kunming, China), both between institutions and faculties. The focus of the cooperation with the International and Business MSc programme offered by SZTE is the development of Asian, Chinese and European Union business and economics experts as well as the exchange of guest professors and doctoral supervisors. The agreement provides an opportunity for organizing summer universities, short courses, scientific events, for the academic sphere, university students, high school students and joint research and scientific publications.

During the 5 days spent in Kunming, representatives of the University of Szeged met with the faculty leaders and the Yunnan University's party secretary and negotiated a possible cooperation. Even a tree was planted as a symbol of friendship between the two universities.


From left to right: Péter Kovács Dean of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Szeged, Péter Szakál SZTE Education Director, Prof. Yang Lin, Party Secretary-General of the CPC Yunnan University Committee, Prof. Liang Shuanglu, Dean of the School of Economics, Yunnan University.

The elaboration of the details of the cooperation and the conclusion of the agreements were made with the help of Ting Yang, a Chinese intermediary.


From left to right: Siyuan Qian, former student of SZTE Faculty of Economics, Péter Szakál, director of education at SZTE, Péter Kovács, Dean of SZTE GTK, local representative of Ting Yang SZTE.

On the 25th of January, representatives of the University of Szeged met with Lívia Szentmártoni, the consul of the Hungarian Consulate in Shanghai for educational and cultural affairs. During the meeting, parties confirmed that the Consulate supports and facilitates Chinese expansion of the University of Szeged.


SZTE Experience

Nazrin_BakirovaNazrin Bakirova- International Economy and Business

I came from a city where young women have recently successfully fought against the mentality that had not allowed them to go to study abroad.5 years ago families were extremely protective over their daughters, but nowadays it has been changed into a new perception which allows girls to have the freedom to choose their way of life: career and personal development.

HardeepHardeep Kaur - Faculty of Sciences and Informatics - Biology PhD

Many of my Indian friends had already been studying here, and SZTE was very popular among them because of its quality education, research and the international community. Without any doubt I submitted my application for Biology PhD. Now, this city serves second home to me: beautiful, clean and modern at the same time carrying its ethnicity. Once I leave the city, I will miss everything about Szeged especially my friends and workplace.