2017. October 17., Tuesday

Rector's Welcome

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Guests,



The University of Szeged is one of Hungary’s leading and internationally ranked higher education institutions. The most renowned scientist of the Alma Mater is Albert SzentGyörgyi, who extracted vitamin C from Szeged paprika, and was honoured with the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for the results he achieved in Szeged in 1937. The Nobel laureate scientist has worthy followers: excellent teachers and researchers at the University continue to pass on their knowledge to young students, educating generations for life. As one of the best regional universities, we have achieved noteworthy results in an international dimension thanks to our research investments with a future vision and research portfolio. We have built up strategic partnerships with a number of organizations active in industry, particularly in the field of research and development, and Europe’s most modern laser centre is currently under construction here. The University has 7,000 employees, including 2,500 teachers and researchers, and almost 25,000 students.

Loyal to the intellectual heritage of Albert Szent-Györgyi, we consider it important that our students should not only graduate, but also continue their journey of becoming intellectuals, and for this the city of Szeged offers a wide range of cultural and artistic programmes.

Apart from providing the conditions for our students to obtain valuable knowledge and academic qualifications, we consider it a highly important task to help our students make use of their knowledge in the most effective way. Thanks to the steadily extending, fruitful national and international co-operations of the University, our graduates are well prepared to enter the labour market. Their careers serve as good examples for the future generations of Szeged students.

Prof. Gábor Szabó

Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Rector of the Univeristy of Szeged

SZTE Experience


Gizem Gültekin – Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

I am studying at University of Szeged as a former Erasmus student, currently as a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder. Both the institution and the town are wonderful. Many entertainment and sports facilities are provided, and it is also easy to make new friends. It is a great experience to attend the University, and I would like to stay in Szeged and continue my academic studies.

Yuanyuan_ChenYuanyuan Chen - International Economy and Business - Stipendium student

My first impression about Szeged was, that it is „a standard lovely Western city. You can see colourful buildings everywhere; enjoy the sunshine, walk in the nature, study in the bright, high-tech library”. I think this is a perfect place for students where they can experience sparkling culture diversity, enjoy the peacefulness of everyday life, meet a lot of kind and motivating people, enjoy the inspiring academic atmosphere, taste the food not only from Hungary but also from the world. I can call Szeged my second home.